Swarovski Brand Story

Brand legend:

 When Daniel • Swarovski crystal in the 100 years began to reveal the beauty, he absolutely unexpected that they would set off an endless supply of power. Over the years, he and future generations through the endless imagination, wisdom and technology, the potential appeal of such precious materials enjoy show. Crystal add fun to life, to fashion and beauty into a breathtaking world; crystal evoke emotion, inspire and nourish the arts and culture. “Swarovski” jewelry created in 1895 in Austria, with its unique crystal stone Xiang famous work. Of the 18th century, Daniel Swarovski invented • automatic crystal cutting machine available, to open the door to fantasy. Since then, the crystal morphology could be changing, so the potential to play a poetic charm dripping.

Swarovski Swarovski Fenglian store is settled in the capital of this crystal giants first image of the store, opened in April 2001 to 500 thousand yuan will be huge amounts of money held in Fenglian grand opening ceremony. About Swarovski Fenglian layer, as entering a “crystal palace”, where not only have Swarovski jewelry per the latest quarter, but also brings together a number of worthy collection of classic series. Two years, a large number of white-collar and Swarovski star became a loyal customer Fenglian shop, pure, noble, outstanding and crystal jewelry group, is a symbol of love, pure and faithful, but also praised the high quality goods fashion. Today, as the first image of the store, Swarovski has never played in Fenglian discount.

A graceful swan frivolous in the “SWAROVSKI” clouds formed above the bowed meditation, this unique and innovative trademark as a beautiful face Swarovski as impressive. Swan Swarovski crystal logo is the traditional symbol, also Swarovski Crystal symbol of the spirit of refined elegance. Swarovski crystal jewelry is most main motive is not merely how its products are skillfully polished into dozens section, as well as the refraction of light has an excellent ability to make the crystal exceptionally bright eye-catching, but also in the Swarovski company has been through its products to inculcate a kind of high culture.

Swarovski crystal products are not only synonymous with man-made, but also a cultural symbol. It has a value can not be replaced, that is – fun.

Swarovski (SWAROVSKI) is a family surname, but, in Austria, is an honor to have this name. It is so famous, but also because it is a veritable century brand.

Today, as long as a reference crystal, an expert who first thought is the Swarovski brand. The picturesque in Austria in 1895, the birth of the company’s Tai Lilai County, breakthrough mechanical crystal stone, and fashioned to be even brighter than the natural crystal crystal products, but now it has become the world’s largest crystal stone manufacturer. Swarovski products most main motive, is still limited to how skillfully its products into dozens of being polished section, as a result of light refraction capabilities are excellent, the whole look especially dazzling crystal products also in the Swarovski company has been to inculcate its products through a sophisticated culture. Therefore, Swarovski crystal products are not only synonymous with man-made, but also a cultural symbol. Some people say Swarovski products are too expensive, but acknowledged that it has a value of — interest can not be replaced.

Thousands of man-made crystal products section of the subject matter, are the main activities and is closely related to people’s daily, including animal series, transport series, building series chips, and their style is active and lively, warm and friendly, mostly small size of these ornaments and jewelry, which work was particularly fine on both collections or for gifts are quite taste and grade. Bought Swarovski products and people into its most loyal repeat customers, therefore Swarovski the world’s largest club — 200,000 products from the club of collectors. Swarovski Every year, club members can buy a company only sold to members of the specialty. In line with the trend of environmental protection in recent years Swarovski company introduced one by one, antelope, elephant, lion-shaped crystal products, the current rapid appreciation of these special products are a testament Swarovski family art collection and commercial business on one principle . Perhaps from the Austrian national character of the romantic kind, when all the club members will receive an admission by the company president, the national language offended with mid of letters, this respect is to make products with the sentiment has become non-material values so important. This is why Europe and the United States for its many celebrity special liking.

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Gucci Brand Story

Brand in the 90’s wave of restructuring, the most successful and also most of the non-Italian Gucci topic must go! Gucci history of early origins, about the late 19th century, founder Guccio Gucci came into contact with fashion, but, like many brands, Gucci has gone through a low ebb, but by designer Tom Ford and Domenico De Sole, president two KONE cooperation, it will be Gucci back to the international mainstream, reaching its peak. Gucci as “a symbol of status and wealth,” Brand become rich consumer darling of high society, has been favored by the business community, while yet elegant fashion. As early as 1906, Guccio Gucci that is his name began to make excellent leather, and, after the initials boldly printed on the goods, because of this unique design and superb quality, Gucci soon became very popular. In 1937, Gucci title and the first time from horse stirrup horse title refining the design, followed by even more because of World War II, material shortages, and then design an alternative to bamboo handle leather bag is still a classic and . 50’s, originally used the fixed saddle straight stripe canvas lace is used in decorative accessories, and registered as a trademark, and the famous double G pattern designed at the same time; in 1967, Gucci introduced print scarf, let Gucci the development of mature, with First Lady Jackie have not put it down. Mid-50s, Gucci branched out into overseas markets, increasing the scope, but because of the family stake in the dispute, making momentum gradually decline, until only 90 made by the U.S. investment group Investcorp all the shares, as the operator. In 1994, Gucci formally merged into Gucci Group NV, and promoted the original women’s designer Tom Ford creative director for the full range of products, the new women’s autumn and winter 1995/1996, in order to fit silk shirt with double G logo belt and velvet pants, create a collection of modern, sexy, glamorous and in a brand new image, even Madonna could not help but put it on debut, she won the international media acclaim, will be converted into a combination of classic Gucci and modern, traditional and innovative image of the re-definition of Gucci position in the fashion world. In 1995, Mr.Domenico De Sole was appointed as the new president of Gucci, Tom Ford together a team, each operation and design expertise, will be pushed Gucci unprecedented heights, many stars, celebrities also have resorted to Gucci clothing is preferred, while the subsequent award of many positive fashion, leaving Gucci soar. To date, quarter to quarter, complex, Gucci is still the endless number of people love the brand, Tom Ford unparalleled creativity and marketing, no doubt across the late 90s and early 21st century’s brightest star. Brand files Founder Guccio Gucci Gucci Gucci Europe • Founded in 1923, Gucci. In Florence, Gucci Group is today the largest Italian fashion group, Gucci also operating outside than fashion handbags, shoes and watches, home accessories, pet supplies, scarves, neckties, perfumes, etc.. Brand LOGO 1. Bamboo handle: GUCCI bamboo-bag drawn from nature, all the bamboo is imported from China and Vietnam, natural materials and hand-roasting and technical achievements of its features not easily broken. 2. Equestrian chain: in the early 20th century, horses in Italy is the main means of transport, so people who harness manufacture more, GUCCI is one of the best. Department of the chain is riding horses GUCCI invention. The well-known details of the design, not only because aesthetics, is also a memory of times past equestrian. GUCCI Equestrian chain studded suede shoes is an example of the history of footwear, and even the United States, the Metropolitan Museum have collected a pair of it. 3. Printed with the letters G’s trademark logo in pairs and eye-catching red and green as GUCCI symbol appears in the briefcase, handbag, wallet and other CUCCI products within, and this is the first classic GUCCI LOGO design Website: http://www.gucci.com

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Prada Brand Story

Italian sense of family-oriented, fashion industry is no exception, Prada is one of the representatives. Prada grassroots in the early 20th century, was active for the commercial trade and transport business travel frequently, founder Mario Prada began making a series of handmade leather goods for travel, and in 1913 opened a boutique. 70’s, fashion environment changes, Prada near the brink of bankruptcy in 1978, Miuccia Prada took over with her husband, Patrizio Bertelli common Prada, Prada and lead towards a new milestone.

Miuccia took over the occasion, Prada is still popular in Europe, the generations of the family, if there is no innovation and breakthroughs, it is easy to decline. Miuccia try to find and traditional leather different new materials, after multiple attempts to use the material from the Air Force parachute found in nylon fabric, with light and durable as the foundation, “black nylon bag,” the rage! Prada was introduced until the first autumn and winter 1989 fashion show, a fashion design against time to win a lot of praise; 90, name of “Less is More” slogan, minimalism emerged, while the Prada simple, with an uniform just like the design aesthetic coincides with the trend. In 1993, Prada men’s and men’s shoes, autumn and winter series, a moment’s men and women wear, accessories as simple and modern fashion and the best modern style; the late ’90s, sports fashion fever, Prada introduced Prada Sport line, both functions and popular design, it causes a whirlwind.

Prada Prada brisk performance was mainly due to the design of water, milk and blending modern lifestyle, not only in the fabrics, colors and styles work, its design philosophy of life happened to fit behind the pursuit of immediate practical and popular modern appearance of double mentality, function and aesthetics in perfect balance between not only the display of fashion, it is the ultimate modern aesthetic.


Prior to 1978, Mario Prada, to operate the main business leather and imported goods.

Since 1978, Miuccia Prada, is the brand founder Mario Prada’s granddaughter, who received a doctorate in political science, and for a time active in politics. End of the seventies early eighties turned to fashion design, inherit and carry forward the legacy of his grandfather Prada style, making it a hot mark.


PRADA most impressive, than the appearance of almost simple ordinary black nylon backpacks (above), must have become popular accessories for all single items, and become a street of counterfeit objects, but also take the opportunity to brand started known, all the fashion celebrities, PRADA is definitely the key line of the body first.

Brand Identity:

PRADA clothing, in addition to the PRADA cloth marked characters, the almost no visible identification number, the only way to attain significant recognition leather mark.

1. PRADA capital letters

Occasionally with hot pressure means little to mark the leather surface.

2. Inverted triangle of metal signs

The only leather products will appear, almost everyone’s first impression, above which the word PRADA outside, there will be a line marked at the bottom of its “brand was born” MILANO the small print, and branding the year 1913, If a word is not less PRADA, ok!

Style Characteristics:

Until the late 80s, PRADA in people’s minds are still produced in a special Italian leather goods brand. But in 90 years of “minimalist” in the wind, Miuccia are good at simple, cool style into the mainstream of the clothing, so often the “subdued” as issued by the inspiration of PRADA design clothes have become fashionable minimalism on behalf of one of the symbols.

Design extension:

Brand Extension

1. Flaunt the young line Miu Miu

2. Recreational sports Prada sport, Granello, etc.

3. In 97 years exposure of a new underwear line, forming a complete line of boutique Kingdom

The past two years has vigorously develop some bags PRADA fashions, such as small shopping bag, colorful colors, and easy maintenance of canvas material, has set off another wave of popular bag. In the shoe series, PRADA, who has been the design of a new village are together, and complement each other well, but the styles are the leading indicators are footwear popular. For example, the shoe last square, wedge heel Metallic doll shoes … are PRADA played in trend.

Website: http://www.prada.com/

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Louis Vuitton brand story

Louis – Vuitton brand over the past century has been to advocate exquisite, quality, and comfortable “travel philosophy”, as the starting basis for the design … …

Brand Profile:

Founder: Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton •

Registration: Paris, France

Designer: Designer Group

Products: leather goods, luggage, travel goods, men’s women’s, scarves, pens, watches, accessories

Brand Story

LV is the creator of the first generation of nineteenth-century aristocratic palace for a special package of travel luggage technician, he produced the technology superior trunk, gradually spread throughout Europe, from Paris, becoming a symbol of the finest travel products. Extending out of leather, silk, or pen, watches, and even clothes, are based on respect for Louis Vuitton refined over the past century, quality, and comfortable “travel philosophy”, as the starting basis for the design.

1997 New York designer Marc Jacob joined the LV, as the symbol of Paris boutique brand infused with new energy. 98 In March he never produced clothing LV, made “from scratch” in the minimalist philosophy of positive recognition for global fashion industry.

LV various bag, bags, backpacks, you can put all kinds of documents, wallet, passport folders, and other styles, for about a month will launch new products, new models. Whether trendy or mature ladies men, even young and lively, can be found in the LV leather goods meet their own. LV sub fine for different needs, customized, both can hold two bottles of wines, wine bag, folding tables and chairs, are again showing a “LV travel philosophy” of the real symbol.

Louis – Vuitton, founded in 1854 and now owned by the French post-production and traveling supplies Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton Group. Founder Louis – Vuitton himself.

Louis – Vuitton leather revolutionary to create a flat top box, and opened the first shop in Paris. Like today, his design will soon be copied, flat-top square suitcase become the trend. • Louis Vuitton’s luggage gray canvas cladding is the first in 1896, Louis – Vuitton’s son George, the father of the abbreviated name of L and V with the flower pattern, design today is still renowned monogram printed on canvas (MonogramCanvas) style.

From initial design to the present, India has “LV” symbol of this unique pattern monogram canvas, with rich colors and Athens, the legendary fashion design classic. 100 years, the world has experienced many changes, people’s pursuits and aesthetic concepts also will change, but the of Louis – Vuitton not only the reputation of Zoran, now maintains an unparalleled charm.

Seven Masters, a brand

A century later, India has “LV” symbol of this unique pattern monogram canvas bag, along with the rich design of the legendary and Athens become a fashion classic. 100 years, the world has experienced many changes, people’s pursuits and aesthetic concepts also will change, but not only the reputation of Louis Vuitton • Zoran, now maintains an unparalleled charm.

Perhaps it is this charm has attracted many world-class designers. To celebrate the 100th anniversary logo monogram, Louis Vuitton’s president • St • Carsley (Yves Carcelle) After 3 years of consideration, decided to invite seven famous avant-garde designer to design the logo monogram new style bags . 7 for the designer is: Ezedina • Alleas (Azzedine Alaia), Moro • Blahnik (Manolo Blahnik), Romeo • Geely (Romeo Gigli), Helmut • Lang (Helmut Lang) , Isaac Mizrahi • (lsaac Mizrahi), Sybilla (Sybilla) and Vivian • Westwood (Vivienne Westwood).

These outstanding fashion designers are keen on feeling ability, they relied on the classic Louis Vuitton brand • the understanding of each play to their imagination and creativity, design 7 refreshing monogram logo New bags for the travel and leisure, or elegant social, workplace, co-create the classic Louis Vuitton • image.

• Louis Vuitton’s global reputation

February 1998, Louis – Vuitton flagship store in Paris, the world’s first open, then the second also in London, Bond Street opened. The same year in August and September, the third and fourth flagship store in Osaka, Japan and the United States were opened in New York. The business scope of each store include Louis – Vuitton luggage traditional family, Louis – Vuitton latest clothing line of men and women came men and women shoes.

In 1999, Louis Vuitton in Hong Kong • The Landmark, Central, opened a flagship store, covering two floors, a total of 6,600 square meters, the shop with full line of high-quality Louis Vuitton • leather goods, including luggage, travel bags, leather handbags, small leather goods, pens and new male and female fashion and shoes series, also offers private leather custom services. Interior design theme with new stores are Louis Vuitton has opened • other four flagship store, a unique blend of tradition and fashion, express a warm and harmonious atmosphere so that customers feel comfortable shopping. Five U.S. flagship store of the store by the famous architect and interior designer Peter Marino design, he was responsible for many prestigious Shoppes of interior design, and successfully Louis Vuitton Company • 100 years of classic style mix design being.

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Burberry – another word for coat

Burberry – another word for coat

The streets are in the UK, even if the blowing wind, under a drizzle, but the British do not love umbrella, would rather put on a windbreaker. This is not a British eccentricity, but a shelter, the benefits provided by the coat, and brought windbreaker, many people first think that the British brand Burberry. AD 1856, Thomas Burberry, founder of the Basingstoke Hampshire in the United Kingdom opened a tailor’s shop, 1879, he developed a tissue strong, waterproof breathable twill fabric-Gabardine (rolling other d), for durable wear characteristics of real inevitable and soon the British pilots and the military widely used.

In 1901, Burberry trench coat is designed first, the First World War broke out, Burberry trench coat is designated as the senior British army uniforms, but as with the military use, the design also revised to double-breasted, shoulder covers, back, warm thick film, metal belt around his waist D-ring attached to retractable ammunition, sabers, the Trench Coat! Even today, opened the Oxford Dictionary, the word if you want to check coat, you will find another Burberry trench coat has become synonymous with extraordinary sense! Which was originally used to coat the inside of the Check, first appeared in 1924, elegant stylish blend until today more widely used.

The late ’90s, the brand new fashion trend of blowing, Burberry began to seek a breakthrough in the environment. The current CEO of Rose Marie Bravo brand, Ms. in 1997 to join Burberry, and has hired Roberto Menichetti and served as design director Christopher Bailey, with photographer Mario Testino and supermodel Stella Tennant and Kate Moss in the mix, apart from their predecessors in the embrace, through the unique design thinking, the classical elements into one, so that the honorable tradition of the British personality and lifestyle extension of the dynamic re-interpretation of Burberry’s new philosophy.

Over the past few decades, Burberry mainly produce raincoats, umbrellas and scarves with the main magazine and other media now, we can see it in the grid and various long plaid wedding dress, can be said to look for another new road. The mastermind behind the 1998 was hired as design director and head of Roberto Menichetti. His aim is: to learn the essence of Burberry in traditional costumes in order to better develop a new generation of products. Menichetti expand the scope of his writing to the ladies, dresses, accessories and men’s suits on. Burberry’s new image to be made public, Menichetti also specially commissioned photographer Mario Testino, and launched a “rock and sovereignty” of the humorous campaign. Today, Burberry major cities in the world to open multiple stores, the main person in charge Rose Marie Bravo said she will take several years to realize her dream of Burberry. We wait and see!

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Hello world!

I opened the window, ushering in a sun; I opened the network to face the world. I tap the keyboard: Hello world, I, I came.

What shall I give to you? Hope, sweat, pain, joy, emotion of … … I lead my life was dedicated to your art wine.

Too sweet, too bitter, too hard, too lonely, too shocked – I waved a large pour of art such as rafters voice, accountability, improve life, purify the soul.

I suffered a day fine Yuet Wah, my tears into pearls, my life is full of love: a kind of super critical above all of the concepts and utilitarian ultimate concern. So I cherish life, confident future.

Tour de France Win for Jesus wearing thorns crown, because they can not tolerate the real king; Mecca, throwing stones to the prophet, because they Fuya as ominous owl. The fate of the artist is true, he needs to survive, need wings spread upward in the wind.

Every day I emptied himself, refresh themselves. So I do not be confused for the dogma, I through the clouds, the light reflection heaven.

Faced with the world, I always, to the natural orders, identified natural color; to natural tongue, sing the natural sounds.

I am not committed to any space-time transformation and personal expansion. I just went hard at the foot of the land with deep feeling. Me and my feelings of the times where you are the center of attention. I do not receive, eventually able to gain immortality.

Buddha said: “The way is not fixed.” Because no fixed universe, everything is changing. However, I will have life eternal absolute sincerity as the value of literature and art; be true, the good, the same as the God of the United States.

Archimedes said: Give me a fulcrum. I said: give me a platform.

Window opened and a network open. I said the world: Hello, I, I come …..

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